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Strul - Ki-I-Ai-Oo / Strul Igen Title
Side A
A)Ki-I-Ai-Oo 3:25
Side B
AA)Strul igen 3:10
Type single
Date of release 06/01/1981

This release has been viewed 23265 times.
Ki-I-Ai-Oo / Strul Igen was a double A-sided single released by Marie Fredriksson's first group Strul. This record is actually the first ever to feature Marie Fredriksson and both of the songs are only available on this rare single since no album was released by the group.

When Strul were planning for the first "Strul festival" in Halmstad 1979 they decided to sell a badge with their name on it, instead of a ticket, as a kind of entrance fee. Since everybody entering the concert area were told to wear the badge in a prominent place the guards could easily check that people had paid the admission fee.

Strul's logotype was designed by a friend of the group, Per Gessle, who got the inspiration from the cover of Dave Edmund's album Repeat When Neccessary which was released in 1979.

Musical credits

Marie Fredriksson - Vocals
Peter Nilsson - Bass
Nils "Nisse Noise" von Mattern - Drums
Martin Sternhufvud - Electric guitar
Bo "Bosse" Söderström - Electric guitar

Ki-I-Ai-Oo / Strul Igen (single)
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Strul - Ki-I-Ai-Oo / Strul Igen
Sweden 7'' Bastun / BAS-S 015 1981
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