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Roxette - Have A Nice Day   (Promo)
Country Sweden
Year 1999
Date of release 02/22/1999
Format CD
Label Roxette Recordings

Note: Promotion CD
This release has been viewed 1724 times.

Track Listing
1.Crush on you 3:36
2.Wish I could fly 4:40
3.You can't put your arms around what's already gone 3:30
4.Waiting for the rain 3:37
5.Anyone 4:32
6.It will take a long long time 4:03
7.7Twenty7 3:51
8.I was so lucky 3:51
9.Stars 3:56
10.Salvation 4:38
11.Pay the price 3:48
12.Cooper 4:17
13.Staring at the ground 2:58
14.Beautiful things 3:48

Have A Nice Day was Roxette's last album of the 20th century and it was recorded at El Cortijo Studios in Marbella and at Polar Studios, Cosmos Studios and Atlantis Studios in Stockholm between January and October 1998.

The album was released all over the world except in the U.S.A. where Roxette still did not have a record contract at the time of the album release.

Most countries outside Europe only released Wish I Could Fly as a single (if they released a single at all) but in Europe four single were released from this album. All of the European singles included previously unreleased versions of Roxette's songs or completely new unavailable anywhere else.

When the album was to be released in the Middle East the cover of the album had to be changed before it could be distributed to the record shops. For religious reasons the naked children had to be removed from the cover and therefore a special edition of the album was made in The Netherlands (but this edition was only for sale in the Middle East).

In some countries Have A Nice Day was re-released in the fall of 1999 but this time the album icluded three Spanish songs as bonus tracks. The songs Qusiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly), Alguien (Anyone) and Lo Siento (Salvation) were translated into Spanish by Luis G. Escobar who also translated some of Roxette's ballads into Spanish for the album Baladas En Espanol which was released in 1996.

These Spanish versions of the songs were originally meant to be included on single releases in South America but that was later changed and instead they ended up as bonus tracks on the re-release of Have A Nice Day.

Quisiera Volar, Alguien and Lo Siento are only available on Have A Nice Day and some special promotion singles which were released in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

Musical credits
Marie Fredriksson - Vocals, backing vocals and piano
Per Gessle - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, wah-wah guitar, harmonica, string arrangements, backing vocals, programming and handclaps

Mickael "Micke Nord" Andersson - 12-string Rickenbacker and acoustic guitar, Sven Andersson - Tenor saxophone, Staffan Astner - Electric and acoustic guitars, Magnus Blom - Auto saxophone, Mikael Bolyos - Horn arrangement, Jörn Christensen - Electric guitars, D.J. Shortcut - Stratching, Hans "Hasse" Dyvik - Trumper and flugelhorn, Bo Eriksson - Oboe, Anders Evaldsson - Trombone, Mats Holmquist - Conductor of strings, Michael Ilbert - Synthesizers, programming, tambourine, snare fill and string arrangements, Jonas Isacsson - Electric, acoustic and bass guitars, Christer Jansson - Drums, drum cases, percussion, tom-toms, tambourine, maracas, cymbals and handclaps, Jonas Knutsson - Soprano saxophone, Jens Lindgård - Trombone, Petter Lindgård - Trumpet and flugelhorn, Chstoffer Lundquist - Bass, zither, snare drum, tambourine, backing vocals and handclaps, Mats "MP" Persson - Electric and acoustic guitars, 12-string Rickenbacker, synthesizers and string arrangements, S.N.Y.K.O. (Stockholm Nya Kammarorkester) - Strings, Charlie Storm - Programming, Clarence Öfwerman - Mellotron, Hammondorgan, Vox Jaguar, wah-wah guitar, organ bass, piano, minimoog, synthesizers, tambourine, hi-speed piano, tubular bells, glockenspiel, clavinet, programming, string arrangement, backing vocals and handclaps, Staffan Öfwerman - Conductor of chilren's choir

Karla Collantes, Malin Gille, Cecilia Grothén, Paulina Nilsson, Darina Rönn-Brolin, Jackie Öfwerman - Childrens choir

Produced by Clarence Öfwerman, Michael Ilbert, Marie Fredriksson & Per Gessle